Magnetic whiteboard and easel 097COMPLETE PRESENTATION SYSTEM

Welcome to TRI-BOARD, THE Premier Portable Magnetic WhiteBoard WITH the EASEL built into the Frame; all 1 piece. There is nothing like it on the market today! The size is 36″ wide x 24″ tall (landscape). The sturdy yet lightweight anodized aluminum frame matches perfectly with the telescoping anodized aluminum legs; that means no more black aluminum dust on your hands or clothing. The writing surface is Porcelain-Enamel on steel baked at about 1700 degrees. Like pottery, this makes a smooth, non-porous surface that facilitates NO GHOSTING when you erase, … its gone! Single lever cam locks on the telescoping legs makes for rapid, fast adjustments of height (up or down) depending on the audience; use as a desktop (legs fully retracted) or up to 70″ tall (making TRI-BOARD the tallest easel on the market! ) The entire writing surface AND the full back of the board are magnetic, creating a great storage area for magnets, magnetic erasers, micro-fiber cloths, magnetic markers or other magnetic items to facilitate your business! The ergonomically correct handle in the middle of the board, makes for comfortable, easy transport, movement and handling. Adjustments in height range from 27″, placed on the floor for kids or on a table top for grown ups, to an amazing height of  70″ tall!!! By far one of, if not THE tallest EASEL on the market today. Certainly in a category all its own.  In no way, shape or form are we trying to displace technology! (heaven forbid) Enhance it, YES! And TRI-BOARD does that REMARKABLY well! (PUN intended)

If you are a Professional teacher, presenter, speaker, educator, preacher, 1st responder, incident manager, EOC director, CERT trainer, network marketer or you just like Pictionary, this is the TOOL for you!